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At Enterprise Products, Inc; we are the consulting firm that is passionate about helping our clients navigate the best products and services by providing options that are tailored around specific needs, while providing one direct point of contact. In today’s highly competitive market, we take the guesswork out of profitability and offer a simplified, streamlined approach so every client can focus on doing what they do best: growing their business.

Our Mission is to be a trusted partner for each and every client, providing unparalleled service by intimately understanding specific needs and satisfying objectives, which in turn, helps to support each clients on going success in business growth.

Our integrity will earn Your loyalty and trust. 



Quality and Reputation are the cornerstones of Enterprise Products, Inc; and act as our resounding compass for how we approach and maintain business both internally and externally. We’ve worked diligently to become leaders in our industry emphasizing a strong code of ethics. Whether it be a business transaction, client contract, or products we’re producing, the same level of integrity is upheld to each and every client. Due to our highly-diversified consumer base, our knowledge across multiple industries is vast, which we leverage in an effort to assist our clients in reaching their full growth potential. As an accredited institution, our commitment to excellence and performance is paramount adhering to the notion that we succeed only when our clients do.

Empower Customers



Personal Connection





Business Loans

Additionally, in an effort to help our clients achieve their full growth potential, we help assist with their expansion through the acquisition of business loans— without the need for collateral. Our expertise in the field of technology innovation and lending has afforded us the opportunity to provide tax deductible, fixed rate loans in a fraction of the time, as compared to traditional loan servicing companies. That means our clients get first-rate financing with manageable payments that wont increase as their revenue grows.


Founded in 1997, Enterprise Products, Inc. (EPI) has quickly become a leader in the Manufacturing Services sector (MFG) by providing customized solutions to equipment manufacturers over a broad spectrum of industries. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility provides design and engineering services that are built to specification, assists with design validation and verifications, and provides unparalleled customer service.



ADDRESS: 3601 W 76th ST., Suite 130, Minneapolis, MN 55435

TEL: 612-428-7780 | FAX: 612-428-7785  |  INFO@ENTERPRISEPRODUCTSINC.COM

Thanks you for reaching out. We will be in touch soon.

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