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EPI Funding Group

Securing sufficient funding to build your business, can present a real and constant challenge, despite the fact that you provide exceptional products or services.


The EPI Funding Group understands that a lack of money to invest, blocks valuable opportunities for small and medium businesses to develop and expand. 

Therefore, the EPI Funding Group offers realistic solutions, through equipment leasing and equipment financing options. 

There are benefits to equipment leasing and equipment financing, including several tax advantages. Equipment financing is faster than bank financing and an equipment lease, is considered a monthly expense rather than a debt. Speak to one of our representatives at EPI Funding Group and we will be happy to explain them all.

Equipment leasing and equipment financing with the EPI Funding Group, makes it possible to lease 100%, all the costs, that cover the equipment, installation and training fees. 

Equipment leasing and equipment financing helps build your business, and develops your company’s potential. 

Contact the EPI Funding Group for more information about equipment leasing and equipment financing.

Send us an email at 
or call us 1-651-348-6963.

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