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By assigning a dedicated Manufacturing Engineer to each project and maintaining precise documentation, we quickly identify potential problems before they affect your time-to-market. Our experts carefully review the manufacturability of designs for precision and formulate recommendations for design enhancement. The result is cost-effective, high quality electronics products manufactured to your exact specifications.

Explore Our Manufacturing Division

Manufacturing Engineering Services:

  • Lead-free Manufacturing Processes

  • Fully implemented since Q3 2003.

  • Program/Maintenance Support

  • Using formulas developed in-house, our Manufacturing Engineers fabricate solder paste stencils and develop pick-and-place programs for prototype assembly and production runs.

  • Manufacturing Process Instruction (MPI)

  • Detailed flow charts that map out each step in the manufacturing process, ensuring accuracy and timely project completion.

  • Prototype Support and Reporting

  • Reports that detail our prototype reviews and recommendations upon completion of first-builds.

  • Manufacturing Feedback Reporting

  • Reviews and recommendations issued for ongoing order completion.

  • Documentation Review

  • Analysis of customer-provided documentation for accuracy.

  • Product Introduction

  • Identification and fabrication of special work instructions and production fixtures needed to complete the run at maximum efficiency. Includes Design-For-Manufacturability (DFM) review and strategic product introduction strategies.​

Workmanship Standard
EPI performs all manufacturing assembly services in conformance with the workmanship criteria of IPC-A-610, Class 2. EPI will build to the requirements of IPC-A-610 Class 2 as far as the provided design and materials allow. EMI can also build to Class 3 and JSTD.

BGA and Micro BGA Experts

  • Capable of 4 Mil Pitch (.004) placement

  • Nearly 15 years experience with BGA

  • Approximately 30k+/month BGA placements

  • Largest number of BGA (60) placed on one board

  • Largest BGA (1,900 balls) placed on a board

  • BGA placement on both sides of PCB

  • BGA Re-Work stations

  • 2D X-Ray inspection

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