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Materials Procurement: Our Strong Supply Chain

EPI offers our customers the cost-effective benefits of large material volume. Since our inception in 1982, we have been carefully cultivating our relationships with leading suppliers. With the added resources of our global network, we have further strengthened our supply chain, resulting in additional cost savings for our customers. To facilitate our materials procurement process, we are electronically linked with our key suppliers and their inventories. This allows us to quickly evaluate and locate the most cost-effective supply channels on behalf of our customers. Additionally, our approved vendor list allows us to cross-reference suppliers to locate required components and materials. The benefits of our established and automated supply chain are numerous: we allow our customers to eliminate repetitive purchasing tasks, optimize receiving and inspection functions, and eliminate costly errors. Ultimately, these benefits directly strengthen your bottom line.

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Materials Management: Securing Your Materials

In addition to procurement services, EPI also manages our customers' components and materials, both consigned and customized. With our on-line replenishment program, we provide computerized shortage and bin-inventory reports, as well as just-in-time inventory for Class A custom components. In addition, we fully support critical electronic data sharing with our Manex inventory software system, the latest inventory system designed specifically for the EMS industry. To better accommodate our customers' various requirements, we have the capabilities to warehouse materials in our own secured facilities, as well as in our offshore facilities, and will help our customers determine which alternative is the most cost-effective for their companies. For those customers who choose to warehouse their materials at our in-house facilities, we provide a dedicated shelf for each project's materials. For all of our customers, we ensure 100% verification to client's BOM, AVL and quantity of kit as well as offer segregated bins for both Consignment and Turnkey project materials.

Materials Management Services

  • ​Consigned and customized materials handling

  • On-line replenishing program

  • Computerized shortage and bin-inventory reports

  • Just-in-time inventory for Class A components

  • Manex inventory system designed for the EMS industry

  • In-house and offshore warehousing facilities

  • 100% verification to client's BOM and AVL

  • Segregated bins for consignment and turnkey

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